About Juliet Rose

Nice to meet you

Meet Bethan Davies, that’s right, not Juliet Rose. Beth runs Juliet Rose Weddings & Events with the help of her husband, Lee Davies.

The idea behind the name Juliet Rose comes from their daughter’s middle name which is Rose, and Beth’s love for the oh so extravagant flower – Juliet Rose.

As far as married couples go, Beth and Lee are pretty much like chalk and cheese and it works for them, very well. Her go-getting personality gets things done with gentle precision, always thinking up new and exciting ideas. Beth loves her lipsticks, high heels, a glass of wine and the finer things in life – as well as a good party.

Lee has a charming, calm aroma about him with his laid-back outlook on life. He takes everything in his stride, enjoys getting his hands dirty, creatively building things regularly and loves nothing more than spending his evenings around a fire pit with a cold bottle of beer and good conversation, fully embracing the outdoors.

But at the top of the favourites list for this happy couple is the love they share for spending quality time together as a family with their beautiful baby daughter. A far step away from where they are today, Beth’s background education began with business and administrative studies moving on to a degree in Diagnostic Imaging and finally her dream job, wedding planning. Lee has a background in agricultural studies and glass manufacturing.

Love Story

“My perfect holiday would be with a large group of our family and friends somewhere exotic with good music, good food, nice frothy coffees and a good amount of alcohol, filled with feelings of excitement, joy and belonging. This is the ambiance I want to create for my clients’ weddings. “ – Beth

“When Beth asked me if I wanted to be part of her wedding planning venture, being a former rugby player, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive and didn’t think it would suit me, but with a background in agriculture and a love for the countryside, jumping in the car and setting off on a road trip looking for new venues is one of the things I love doing most.” – Lee