Ideas for an elegant untraditional wedding

This week’s blog post brings you ideas for an untraditional wedding that oozes of elegance and utter opulence.

Many couples are now wanting to break away from the traditional and formal sit-down wedding breakfast meal. The seating plan can be such a headache for the couple. So, instead go for a mixture of seating areas and food options to suit all your guests. Here’s some of our favourites.

  • Comfortable Lounge

Have a good number of comfortable sofas for your guests to feel at home, allow them an area to sit in comfort. There are so many hire companies that hire out beautiful furniture, team them up with trendy coffee tables, dress them with beautiful floral displays and maybe some plush fur rugs.

  • Coffee bar

It would be a good idea to position the coffee bar near the comfortable lounge area to allow your guests a nice brew while they sit relax and watch the party. Hire some machines and place them on some luxuriously dressed tables displayed with a good assortment of cakes, pastries and cookies. Who doesn’t love some coffee and cake?

  • Bar Stools

Let’s obviously not forget the bar, what kind of wedding would it be if there was no bar? Team up a mixture of tall tables and bar stools with some basic tables. Again, you can hire some very trendy furniture these days, so be sure to make it look tasteful.

  • Alternative foods

There are so many ideas for alternative food, why not have a mixture to suite everyone? You could have pizzas, burgers, fish and chips, salad bar, tapas bar, there is no limit to the things you could have.

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