Magical Disney Wedding

This week, we are on a family holiday at Disneyland. So it seems fitting that this weeks article is based on a Disney wedding, and who better to tell us their real life story than the Disney fanatic Leanne Taylor of Pucker Up with Leanne.

Leanne is a hair and makeup artist specialising in weddings and was more than happy to get involved when we asked her to write her story for our readers. You have to read her story, its just beautiful. Here it is…..


When Beth from Juliet Rose Weddings & Events invited me to write a guest blog about my destination wedding experience, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m a hair and makeup artist, and after experiencing my own wedding I decided to make weddings my speciality. There is something truly magical about weddings that I just can’t get enough of.

I would describe my self as a Disney addict, well I think anyone who knows me would call me a Disney addict. So as soon as my boyfriend proposed on a surprise trip to New York I knew there was one place I would love to get married, Orlando, home of the biggest Disney experience.

So we got planning and decided financially, a two-year engagement would be enough time to save for our dream destination wedding. I love to plan and research, so I started looking at Disney resort weddings, but we wanted something small, relaxed and intimate. We’re both from large families, and we didn’t want the crazy large wedding, where we had to invite all our grown up cousins and their kids, relatives we hadn’t seen in forever.

I researched wedding planners and venues, and we flew out to Orlando the year before our wedding to meet with them. We used our main holiday to get most of our plans in place and spent the week getting everything rolling for our dream day, it was worth ever penny. As soon as we started on the drive way to The Omni at Champions gate, we knew it was the hotel for us. It was a gorgeous 5 star resort, close to the Disney element, but a more realistic choice budget wise. When choosing our wedding planner we went on customer reviews, she helped us with a photographer, videographer, cake, reception etc. We knew what we wanted, and she helped find local suppliers to piece together the day. We opted for a traditional wedding day with a ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, wedding décor, cake cutting, the lot. It was on a small scale, including just immediate family members and a small group of friends. We got married at 5pm followed by photos, then our 3 course meal and finished off with drinks in the bar. We had the relaxed, intimate dream destination wedding we dreamed of. The next day we were in Hollywood studios having the magical Disney experience.

When we returned home, we had the chance to wear our wedding outfits again at our home party. We invited all the cousins and anyone else our parents wanted to invite. Balance between what we wanted and what our family wanted.

Recently we returned to our wedding location to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary with our two children. We did a photo shoot back at the beautiful place where we began our married life. It still gave us the same butterflies when we drove up the winding drive way to the resort.

My top tips for a destination wedding are;

  1. Send images with your written requests to make sure your on the same page as the wedding planner. I took a file with everything we wanted our day to look like. Although, these days wedding planners are far more advanced and work with you to create professional mood boards to give you a clear vision of the day.
  2. Be as specific as you can be, if you say you want pink roses, there are 20 different type roses.
  3. I learnt early on, you can not and will not please everyone. To a point you have to be a little selfish otherwise you can loose all the fun of planning your big day.
  4. Even if your using a planner, do your own research on the vendors they are recommending to be sure your happy.

Wedding planners are worth every penny, No matter how much planning you do there will always be a blip or slight snag to the day, but having a wedding planner helps make sure you don’t have to deal with those issues.

I feel so blessed to have had the wedding we dreamed of and include our love of Disney.

Leanne Taylor – Hair & Makeup artist


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