Marriage proposal – What women really want

Have you had thoughts about popping the question but have no idea how to do it? Read on for some expert advice on marriage proposals, including facts, figures and top tips from our accredited wedding planner, Bethan Davies.


Around a week ago my husband and I had a late lay in on a rare morning off work together, we reminisced over our amazing wedding, all the excitement and joy we had planning it and then eventually we recalled the way he chose to ‘pop the question’. Let’s just say it killed the moment, it was far from romantic! It was an average evening on the sofa watching tv (probably Hollyoax) when he just comes out with this;

“When we start a family in a few years, how would u feel about having a different name to them?”

He didn’t ask me directly! I had to ask him if he was asking me to marry him, that’s when he laughed and said;

“yeah if you want to?”

He reverted the question back on to me, can you believe it? If you know Lee, then yes that wouldn’t be much of a shock to you. I would be fibbing if I said it’s something that doesn’t matter to me, of course I wish it could have been something amazingly romantic. On the brighter side, I got to pick my own engagement ring. That’s always a positive!

So, this got me thinking about what Juliet Rose Weddings & Events could do to help others avoid this disappointment. After all, we do love a good love story, so why not help you have yours by encouraging a romantic marriage proposal. To support this mission, we are going to be giving away regular advice and tips on proposing, in the lead up to Christmas. This will be in the form of a ‘Christmas Countdown’, campaigned across all our social media platforms. There will also be a competition to win a gift hamper, to help promote our mission. Who doesn’t love a competition and nice gifts?

To start, here’s some facts for you!

Did you know that Christmas has been proven to be the most popular time of year for marriage proposals? I always imaged that it would be valentine’s day. However, a UK survey of over ten thousand people revealed that Christmas eve is the most popular date to pop the question to your lover. The graph picture shows the results of the survey, clearly showing Christmas eve to take the lead followed by new year and then valentine’s day. This survey isn’t the only reputable source to discover the Christmas season as being the most popular time for marriage proposals. Facebook has also stated that December is the most popular month.

And so, we encourage you to act and start planning your marriage proposal. Don’t do it off a whim or without prior planning. Us ladies like to know that some effort has been put in to planning it. We want that special moment to carry in our thoughts for the rest of our lives. So, make it special and plan it!

Another Fact!

Did you know that 80% of people wish that they had a picture of the proposal? Here’s a little tip for you, how about arranging for a professional photographer to be there to snap some shots of you together in that special moment. Trust me, you will get extra brownie points for this idea!

Don’t let yourself get worked up over your marriage proposal, if you are panicking over planning it or feeling lost for ideas then give us a call or drop us a message. You can find our contact details by clicking here.

You can also follow us here on Instagram or Facebook for our ‘countdown to Christmas’ where we will be posting regular proposal tips and inspiration. Stay tuned for our next Blog article, where we will be giving some ideas on where and how to propose.

Image and statistics by chillisauce.com

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