Popping the question? – Expert tips

Are you planning on popping the question to that special person? Read on for some top tips from the wedding experts.

Following on from our last Blog article based on statistics, we told you how the Christmas season is the most popular time of year to pop the question. Well this week we have come back to you as promised, with more tips and ideas from our wedding planner, Bethan Davies, to help you prepare for that spectacular marriage proposal.

As we already know, it’s a statistical fact that women want you to pop the question in a romantic way. Not something totally off the cuff, with no prior thought gone in to it. You all heard about how Lee popped the question to Beth! I beg you, please do learn from his mistake!
So here it is, our expert advice and top tips for popping the question;

  1. Candle lit dinner
    On the top of the list, we will always recommend a good old traditional and romantic candle lit dinner. Everyone loves a candle lit dinner, it fills you with feelings of warmth, comfort and elegance, and there’s just something seductive about the dimmed lighting and flickering candles, your favourite food and a tipple or two. It’s the perfect atmosphere to set the mood right for popping the question.
  2. Set the scene with passion and romance
    There’s plenty of tips and advice out there these days encouraging you with the wackiest and most fun ways to pop the question, pushing you to be different and unique. Think about it, is that really what your partner would want? This person you are popping the question to isn’t JUST your best friend, they are your lover too! Even the most fun and quirky relationships need that little bit of passion and romance. Get your hormones racing for each other by setting a romantic scene. Dress the area in candles, flowers and luxurious linens.
  3. Ask outright
    Don’t beat around the bush, surveys have shown that women prefer to be asked outright. Get straight to the point and just ask! Don’t leave your partner in anticipation waiting for the words they know are coming after a big nervous speech. Honestly, they don’t want to see you in that awkward word stuttering position, it isn’t attractive. They just want those simple words! And if you find it difficult to say them, you don’t have to! The engagement ring will do the talking, or you could come up with a beautiful way of writing it. You could use flowers, food, a Christmas bauble, candles or a big banner if you wish.
  4. Capture the moment
    Many women are a little shy of the camera and hate having their picture taken, however, this is vital. Just like your wedding day, you want to be able to look back at that beautiful moment that sparked the very beginning of your commitment to one and other, when you knew this was for the rest of your lives. You can hire a photographer and ask them to blend in nearby, so they can then discreetly capture the actual moment! Or if you’re popping the question somewhere private, then ask the photographer to hide or give them a time to come and take some professional shots of you together after she says yes. Be sure to give your loved one the heads up to put on their best outfit and beautify themselves. You could tell them your taking them out for a meal, or if this isn’t something you usually do then tell a little white lie and say it’s a friend’s party you have both been invited to. Get them to glam up so that they are feeling their best for the pictures.


Your journey together really begins from the moment you commit to each other in an engagement, not on your wedding day. So, look at your marriage proposal as you would look at your wedding day, and ensure its something special that you can carry with you forever.

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