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Money planning tips from the expert

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with so many beautiful things tempting you every day. Most couples end up spending way over their original budget, some lose track completely of how much they spent. Many couples change their style or colours and waste money on items they bought and didn’t end up using. Here our expert wedding planner brings you some top money saving tips when planning your wedding;
1. Maximum Interest savings
When you’re planning a wedding, you will no doubt have lump sums of money sat in your bank account, whether it’s from your own savings, a gift from your parents/family members or from a loan. It is a good idea to compare savings accounts and get a maximum interest savings account. The UK will allow you to receive up to £1000 tax free interest a year on some savings accounts.
2. Protect your investments
Protect your deposits and expenses with a credit card, many wedding companies go bust, if you have paid with a credit card then the credit card company are liable to cover your loss. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your special day.
3. Beware of Banks – ‘Setting off’ terms
Be very aware of banks that can take large lump sums from your account without permission, to pay off credit cards or debt. They can do this at any time, even if there is a repayment plan in place. Check out your bank policies and ‘setting off’ terms and read this information from Financial Ombudsman Service.
4. Get organised
Write a list of absolutely everything you feel you will need from cake to car to rings, everything! Discuss what’s more important and prioritise your list into order. Then split your total budget across this list, giving you a clearer idea of where you would prefer to cut on costs. The list will also help you keep track of quotes or payments made. Spreadsheets are a good tool for this.
5. Choose your date carefully
You can make huge savings by getting married on certain days and certain months. The peak season for weddings runs from April to the end of September, therefore you can expect venue prices to be higher in these months. Sundays and weekdays are usually reduced rates compared to Saturdays. Many venues will also offer discount on Friday 13th. You may also save money on your photographer, florist, registrar etc on these dates.
6. Wedding packages
Search for wedding packages – many venues offer set price packages. Holiday Inn, Britannia hotels and Old English Inns are some of the hotels that offer packages starting from £999!! Most country manor houses, golf clubs, marquees all have packages these days.
7. VIP only
Write a list again, this time of guests. Prioritise them into order and cut out as many people as you can – be ruthless.
8. Compare
Do your research, don’t settle on the first quote, compare prices. Its also good to meet with suppliers and wedding professionals in person so you can get a feel for them. Make sure you chose who you feel comfortable with and who you felt understood you.
9. Negotiate
Negotiate with suppliers! Many think it is rude or impolite to haggle these days and that is mainly down to the ‘snooty’ wedding industry workers. In fact, most wedding suppliers and wedding professionals are happy to negotiate a price. If they say they aren’t allowed to offer discounts, then ask them are they in a position to throw some extras in. You don’t get if you don’t ask. Make sure to get any discount agreements in writing.
10. Friends with benefits
Put your family and friends’ talents to use! Are there any bakers who could bake your cake? Is there a family member who has large grounds you could use to set up a marquee? Any aspiring photographers? Delve deep and use them to your advantage.
11. Cake
Wedding cakes are expensive, were talking hundreds even thousands. If this is something of lesser priority to you, why don’t you buy a plain supermarket cake and decorate it yourself?
12. Wedding dress
Many brides are now getting their dress custom-made dress from e-bay china for £100! If this is something you decide to do, be sure to check how much detail they ask on measurement, the more detail they ask for the more detail they will put into creating the dress! Read reviews. There are also other options of saving money on a wedding dress, high street stores offer huge discounted wedding dresses. Look at Debenhams, Next and John Lewis.
13. Makeup
Get your makeup done for free at a beauty counter, you can purchase some cosmetic wear and get your makeup done for free, or you could ask for some samples of that expensive foundation you want to wear on your wedding day. You can also get low price wedding makeup done at beauty training schools.
14. Invites
Save money on your invites by doing them yourself. This takes a lot of time and patience so make sure its something you want to do. You can find DIY invite templates on Pinterest, Esty and many other websites. You can also use Microsoft publisher to create your own invites.


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