Wedding stress – What a wedding planner can do

Are you feeling wedding stress?

Are you beginning to feel the pressure and wedding stress? Keep calm and get a wedding planner.


The popular wedding company Zola carried out a huge survey on 500 newlywed couples to determine how they felt after planning their weddings. When asked if they felt wedding stress, 96% answered yes. That’s a massive percentage, and 71% of these said that they found wedding stress worse than moving to a new house, speaking publicly or applying for a job. 86% of the couples reported at least three stress related symptoms including headaches, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, hair loss, loss in sex drive and many more.


With this year very closely coming to an end, many couples are beginning to feel the pressure and panic over their 2019 weddings. It isn’t just the bride and groom that feel wedding stress either, many of our suppliers are relieved when working with a wedding planner and state that they have peace of mind knowing that things will run smoothly on the day, we will tell you all about that another time. In this weeks’ blog article, we are going to tell you what a wedding planner will do to ensure you have a stress-free wedding experience.

One person to answer all your needs

There are so many different people involved in a wedding. The usual suppliers to consider are for photography, videography, cake, stationary, catering, décor, flowers, venue coordinator, transport and entertainment. It can get confusing and stressful knowing you have a list of suppliers you need to contact to ensure everything is in place and good to go. With a wedding planner there’s just one person you need to deal with. You can have peace of mind knowing you won’t be bombarded by these suppliers in the days leading up to the wedding, for final details and confirmations. With a wedding planner at your side you can rest knowing that they have it all covered. They have been organising everything to your requirements from day one, so they know everything there is to know and can ensure all involved know their part.

Manage your budget

Money is one of the main wedding stress issues couples have. Most couples go over their expected wedding budget, and shockingly, some couples have no budget plan in place at all. The very first thing a wedding planner will do is create a structured budget plan for you. This will be based around an in-depth discussion to determine your priorities so that the budget can be spread appropriately. Most wedding planners will present your budget plan to you in a spreadsheet format. The best thing about having a wedding planner is that they will ensure you’re on track and within budget. They will advise you of where to cut back so that you can have that expensive cake or flower display you have your heart set on. They will know how to save money on the things that are of lesser importance to you.

Designed for you

Do you worry about having a perfect wedding? Do you worry what your guests will think of your wedding? There are so many couples who change their mind on their colour schemes or décor, this is because they base their decisions on what they see on Pinterest. Months down the line they discover another colour scheme or style and decide they prefer that. This can cost you a lot of time, effort and money! Wedding planners are trained to design a vision board especially tailored to your personalities as a couple. They are trained to create a vision and style which incorporates themes and colour schemes to suit your personalities, and they do it remarkably. No need to worry about it being tacky or cliché. Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed, and there’s no doubt that you will both love it, after all, it’s all been based on an extremely in-depth discussion of your likes, dislikes, hobby’s and who you are as a couple. You can also guarantee you will be so pleased with the vision boards that you won’t change your mind on the scheme.

Plan B

Wedding planners work hard on networking and building relationships within the wedding industry, they have what they call their little black book. For us this is a spreadsheet database full of wedding professionals and suppliers, and they are categorised into style and cost. This is always to hand in case of last-minute emergencies or cancellations, there are many contacts they can call on when needed.

This isn’t all a wedding planner does, they produce a wedding day timeline, ensure all suppliers and guests are to schedule and where they need to be, they keep a handy tool kit for wardrobe malfunctions and all sorts of things, they are your sounding board and so much more. All of this just scrapes the top of the things you can expect from your wedding planner, there is so much more, it would take us forever to go over it all.

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